Cove Membership

Membership at the Cove is a step of spiritual growth and commitment. Membership is not required for most aspects of church involvement; nor does it cost anything. Our church isn't a membership club like Costco or the golf course; that's why we don't emphasize it.

When the time is right for you we encourage membership as a spiritual response to God. Below, you can read our vows of membership. This describes in a formal manner what membership means.

Elders and Deacons are required to be members. Also, to vote in a congregational meeting requires that a person be a member. Those are the only "privileges" of membership.

Vows of Membership

  • Profession of Christian Faith: Do you trust Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, depending upon him alone for your salvation as offered in the gospel, and do you receive his forgiveness and accept his leadership in your life?

  • Heart: Do you intend to Experience God authentically through active participation in Worship and through the discipline of Prayer?

  • Soul: Will you seek to Follow the Spirit in the Fellowship and Lifestyle decisions you make, giving and receiving encouragement from our church?

  • Mind: Is it your desire to Know Christ truly through the testimony of Scripture and as you interact with Christian Theology?

  • Strength: Will you Love Others and all the world in the manner of Christ? Through deeds of practical Service and Evangelism, will you care for the physical and spiritual needs you see?