Cove Mission Statement

Our mission is to experience God more fully, know Christ more deeply, follow the Spirit more closely and love others more!

Theme Verse - Mark 12:30-31

Love the Lord your God with all your

  • Heart, with our heart we Experience God

  • Soul, with our soul we make decisions about friends (fellowship) and finances (Lifestyle)

  • Mind, with our mind we Know Christ using Scripture and Theology

  • Strength, with our strength we serve others and share our faith with others

...and Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.

Our Core Values

What are we about?

These are four things that define us, that we must always keep at the forefront of our thoughts:
  • Experiencing God

  • Knowing Christ

  • Following the Spirit

  • Loving Others

Furthermore, these four things have to happen more or less in order. If you take them out of order, you build something top-heavy which eventually collapses. For instance, if we called everyone together for the sake of Loving Others, and then Following the Spirit and then Knowing Christ, all so that we could finally Experience God, our Love for Others would be devoid of the Experience of God and our Experience of God would have no response mechanism because it would come at the end. Loving Others has to come last, as a response.

Why these four things?

Experiencing God because it resolves the needs we have discovered through the brokenness in our own lives. We are hungry, thirsty, weary, needy and humble. We are not world-messiahs, we are not righteous and pure, we are not keeping up appearances, we are not even interested in following a custom; we are trying to resolve the very real problem of our own humanity.

Knowing Christ because he brought something Divine into human experience, defining all truth in terms of his own being. We need a frame of reference which is both familiar to us and different from us. Familiar so we can relate. Different because we know the answer must be better than us; it must come from something transcendent. Christ represents a mysterious economy: only by his work is the Experience of God made possible.

Following the Spirit because it is the Spirit of God who does the ongoing work of sustaining our lives. We look to the Spirit for guidance and direction, for comfort and courage and conviction. Just like our lungs are full of breath at all times, so our spirits, to be alive, need the breath of God, which is the Spirit.

Loving Others because a shared joy is a doubled joy. The first three experiences on this list demand a response which is in keeping with a life devoted to God. There is no congruence to a life which stops after the first three. It would be like a play which is rehearsed but never performed. Loving others is a free act of a full heart responding to God's love.

How are these four things accomplished?

Experiencing God is accomplished through Worship and Prayer

  • Worship is not just music—it contains 3 essential ingredients

  • 1. Celebration, of life and all of God's gifts

  • 2. Dedication, of ourselves today and tomorrow to God's purposes

  • 3. Proclamation, telling each other the truth of our faith, so we stay on track.

  • Prayer

  • 1. Reading (Spiritual Reading), Speaking, Listening (Meditating), Contemplating

  • 2. A.C.T.S.

Knowing Christ is accomplished through the study of Scripture and Theology

  • Scripture includes the Old and New Testaments

  • Theology is anything about God which is not Scripture

  • 1. The Cove subscribes to 12 historic creeds which guide us theologically

Following the Spirit is accomplished through Lifestyle and Fellowship

  • Lifestyle

  • 1. How do we spend our time?

  • 2. How do we spend our money?

  • 3. How do conduct ourselves morally?

  • Fellowship

  • 1. Community brings encouragement

  • 2. Safety, non-judgmental

  • 3. Iron sharpens iron

  • 4. Faith requires a community

  • 5. HomeGroups

Loving Others is accomplished through Evangelism and Service

  • Evangelism seeks conversions to Christ

  • 1. We believe in conversion, faith is a choice, not an inheritance

  • 2. We invite others to what has given us joy

  • 3. Not to invite is to be selfish

  • 4. We do not coerce

  • Service (good deeds) is our extension of God's common grace to the world

  • 1. The Cove has 7 vital missions in which it participates