CoveKids Time

Through the Sunday morning children's programs at The Cove, every child is exposed to spiritual truths in ways that are appropriate for their age and development. We offer five separate classes for Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kindergarten - 1st graders, 2nd - 3rd graders and 4th - 6th graders. In addition there is a quiet, comfortable room off the sanctuary for parents to feed their baby, change a diaper and even still hear the sermon. Our volunteers are amazing, our rooms are fun, and the kids make lasting relationships with each other as they go deeper in their childlike faith. Come and let your kids check our what a great time we have together each week!

Steady walkers - 3 year olds
Once kids are walking they come to The Beach. Basking in the Son. Being loved by their teachers. A safe, caring, fun place to play and begin to hear about the warm love of God.

Kids ages 3 and up explore in The Tidepool. Hands on activities are planned to allow kids to experience spiritual truths through interactive play.

After they start kindergarten, students graduate to The Boardwalk. Kids are ready to do more and know more. In a safe and welcoming environment, they are playing challenging games that require reasoning skills. Teamwork and community spirit are developed.

When they start second grade, they are now in the waters of their faith exploring the beauty and diversity of The Reef. There are lots of new things to discover about the Bible, Jesus and what his sacrifice means for us.

Finally, from 4th grade on the kids dive into The Deep. They dig deep into Scripture and they dig deep into their hearts, examining what they believe and how they can live it out.

Questions about Cove Kids?

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