Cove Missions

"Missions" is what we do for others, because of our love for other people and our commitment to Christ. There are Service Missions and there are Evangelistic Missions. Service Missions are practical, charitable, and aimed at meeting physical needs. Evangelistic Missions are aimed at making new disciples of Christ; converting people to Christianity, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Here is a list of the Service Missions operating within the Cove right now:

  • Book drive
  • Yard Sale
  • Knitting Plus
  • Wednesday Crew
  • St. Nick Project
  • Summer Mission Trips

  • In addition to the above, The Cove supports the following mission projects, outside of our church, in many diverse ways including the giving of our finances.

    • The Rescue Mission and the City Kids Festival

    • IVCF college ministry at SSU and SRJC

    • The Rural Presbyterian Church in India

    • Mexico building projects—youth and family trips
    • Check out the Mexico 2008 Video click here

    • Presbyterian Church USA