Cove Worship

The Cove worships together every Sunday at 10:30am. Worship is a chance for us to celebrate and give thanks as a community what God is doing in our lives. It's also the time where we are reminded of God's actions on our behalf and are reoriented toward a life based on the values, priorities and time horizon of God's eternity. We dedicate ourselves anew each week to following Christ on that journey. Finally when we gather to worship, we gather to proclaim the message the Holy Spirit has revealed.

When we worship we remember Jesus' words to the Samaritan woman in John chapter four that we are to worship in spirit and in truth. The spirit is the deepest part of us. Our spirits hold our deepest longings, hopes, values, thoughts and feelings – it is our true selves. So, worshipping in spirit means that our desire is to be in genuine relationship with God, connecting with Him in an intimate way. Worshipping in truth means that we worship God in all his fullness, not confining Him to any box, but acknowledging him for who he truly is and being honest about who we really are. With that in mind, the Cove is not committed to a certain style, sound or look in our worship services. We're simply committed to bringing the best we have to a God who is worthy of all praise.

That being said, you might describe our worship services as informal, genuine, relaxed, participatory, fresh and contemporary. We strive to be real, we strive to speak in plain language, we honor great Christian traditions, holidays, hymns, liturgies and prayers, but we don't recite the same litanies or even follow the same structure every week. Each worship experience is unique and, we believe, holy ground, indeed.

At the Cove, Worship and Prayer are avenues by which we move into a deeper Experience of God. Worship is usually the corporate effort of our community, drawing us, inspiring us Godward. Prayer is usually more of an interior, individual journey but also leads us Godward. Worship and Prayer capture our Heart in much the same way that Scripture and Theology capture our Mind; Evangelism and Service capture our Strength; and Fellowship and Lifestyle capture our Soul.