The Cove Staff

Listed by date of hire

Jeff Johnson, Pastor

Cove responsibilities — Cheerleader for the faith of 250 people, generator of ideas (some of them good), organizer and disorganizer. Agonizer. Pastor: one who bears the people to God (not the other way around).

Welcome to the world — October 1, in the year that Barbie dolls were invented, Hawaii became a state, Xerox sold its first copier, and Fidel Castro became "prime minister" of Cuba

Theology — somewhere between "The Sovereignty of God" and "Chaos Theory;" somewhere between the "Victorious Christian Life" and "Life is Pain;" somewhere between "Eternal Security" and "Wandering in the Wilderness;" somewhere between "Hyper Calvinist" and "Calvinist;" squarely on target with Redemption, Grace, Scripture, C. S. Lewis, Dallas Willard, John Piper, N. T. Wright, Jerry Sittser, and Mike Yaconelli

Daughters — Emma and Kristianna, adorable little people, with big blue eyes and smiles from ear to ear

Marriage — Janet and I, Jan. 10, 1987. She's also my favorite Spiritual Director and Oncology Nurse. Our love continues to grow — it's not the age, it's the mileage: Cameroon, Thailand, India, Great Britain, Europe, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, Canada, and Pasadena

Música — Froggy, the Candle, K-schmloove, Classic Rock, a little guitar and piano for fun

Games and hobbies — visiting hardware stores and fixing things at home, skiing, hiking, church softball, my Titanium Seven, volunteering at COG and Oak Grove.

Education — El Cerrito High School, Stanford University, Fuller Theological Seminary, Tyndale House (Cambridge, England).

Krystle Jeffers, Coordinator of Worship Arts and Music

Cove Responsibilities — Coordinating the talented Cove musicians and leading the Cove in worship each Sunday.

Birth Place and Date — Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, October 30, 1983.

Before the Cove — Strike that, there is no "before the Cove." I grew up going to First Presbyterian Church (aka the "Mother Church") and have been at the Cove since its inception. I am now thrilled to be on staff after completing my Bachelor of Arts in Music with an emphasis in Church Music, minor in Philosophy, at Azusa Pacific University. Before working at The Cove I led worship for the High School Ministry at Pomona First Baptist Church. I've also led worship at Glenkirk Presbyterian's college group and done an internship at Bel Air Presbyterian. I've been to Russia on two occasions to work with orphans with an organization called Eastern European Outreach. Perhaps my knowledge of Russian children's songs will come in handy at the Cove? "Hvala tibye nash gaspoat" (trans. "Give thanks with a grateful heart").

Family — Married to Justin, keyboard player and composer extraordinare, on February 20, 2010. Jeff officiated the ceremony. Our daughter Sydney was born June 8, 2013. She's full of life and spunk and certainly keeps us busy. She is the most wonderful and exhausting thing that has ever happened to us, as all kids are!

Musical Claims to Fame — In addition to my work at the Cove, I do your basic singer/songwriter routine with the help of my Taylor 412ce. I also mess around a bit on bass, keys, banjo, drum kit and percussion (I've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell). BK (before kids) I taught elementary school classroom music.

Other Interests — Reading, traveling (Russia, Australia, Peru, Mexico...), philosophizing, golf, foreign cuisine, contemplative prayer, gardening, biking, air drumming, random jam sessions – want to have one?

Linda Albert, Spiritual Director in Residence

Linda recently graduated from the Center for Spiritual Direction at North Park Seminary in Chicago. She has been active at the Cove as a retreat coordinator and speaker as well as a guide in contemplative prayer practices. Linda’s first experience with spiritual direction was during a nine-month retreat in everyday life using the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Living through her own dark time, Linda learned to notice the presence of God in unexpected ways and, over time, experienced a return of hope and deeper faith. It is her privilege and joy to companion others who are seeking a deeper relationship with God however they find themselves in relationship to God now…in crisis or confusion, in emptiness or in fullness and gratitude.

Janet Johnson, Spiritual Director in Residence

Janet graduated from the Director in the Art of Spiritual Direction program at San Francisco Theological Seminary in 2004 and along the way, also completed the Spiritual Direction program at Azusa Pacific University. She began her journey as a directee in the mid-nineties and has had two directors over the past 15 years. Locally, she has worked with the Center for Enrichment (at St. Eugene's) and has led and coordinated prayer retreats at The Cove.

For additional information about Spiritual direction visit the adult ministries page.

Doug Manson, Director of Youth Ministry

Cove Responsibilities — I get to work with the Jr. High and Highschoolers of the Cove on a weekly basis. I help them dive deeper into their relationship with God allowing them to discover just how amazing God is and how much He loves them. But along with that I get to hangout, joke around, play games, and go to special events with them…meaning I have a great excuse to be immature!

Birth place and date — Stanford Hospital on March 27, 1984…that’s right, I’m a proud child of the 80’s!

Family — I have two wonderful parents, Mike and Sharon, who have been my biggest supporters and fans to what God has planned for me. Though I’m not married I do have a wonderful girlfriend, Brie, who is my partner in crime (ministry) and who is gifted in so many different ways. Along with that, Brie is an amazing photographer, so if any of you need your pics taken, she’s the one for the job!

Theology — I believe our faith is not a religion but rather a relationship with an all-knowing, all-loving, all-forgiving God.

Before the Cove — Worked with the youth and led worship at 1st Presbyterian Church of Petaluma and then I helped lead worship and was the Junior High Youth Director at Petaluma Valley Baptist Church, thus youth groups and music are my forte.

Education — Casa Grande High School, a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion from San Francisco State University, and currently I’m working on a M. Div. with an emphasis in Youth Ministry at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

The loves of my life — Jesus, my lovely wife Brie, S.F. Giants, coffee, apple pie, and music…with tacos thrown in there as well.

Roger Kuhn, Office Administration

Cove Responsibilities — All organizations have work that needs to be done, but they do not have someone who is specifically assigned to do it. Often this is called “Administrative” work and it’s done by a lot of people when they could be doing their "real" job. Roger does that administrative work for the Cove. It is often not specifically defined but it still needs doing, like buying toner for the copy machine or getting a key for someone who needs it but doesn’t know how or where to get it.

Birth place and date — Born in St. Louis MO, in December of 1941

Family — I have been married to Debbie for over 20 years and has two grown children by a previous marriage. We have lived in Windsor for almost 10 years. I also have 3 grandchildren who live with their mom and dad in Chicago. They are 16, 14, and 12 (the 16 year old boy is 6' 5" tall and loves baseball).

Before the Cove — Lived in Menlo Park, CA and attended Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC, a Mega-church in Silicon Valley), serving there as a Deacon and Deacon Moderator as well as helping in several other ministries. Also, I worked at Menlo Park Baptist church as an all around handyman and ran the PowerPoint slides for church services ( Just like he does at the Cove). I also worked in Silicon Valley in Human Resources for 18 years.

Education — Graduated from Beaumont High School in St. Louis and then graduated from the U of MO in Columbia, MO. Later I did some post graduate work at Harvard in Boston.

Hobbies — Playing golf (poorly) and a back yard garden that requires almost full-time attention. During football season I spend a lot of time keeping up with a sport I played many years ago in high school and at “MIZZOU”.

Linda Jo Jenkins, Director of Children's Ministries

Cove Responsibilities — I have the pleasure to put together and be a part of anything that has to do with kids. From the nursery stage all the way through to teens. Helping them grow in their understanding of God. Helping them develop a close personal relationship with their Creator and walk closely with Jesus to help make wise decisions.

Birth place and date — November 22, 1961 Detroit, Michigan

Family — I am married to Dan who is my high school sweetheart. We have been married for over thirty years. We have two grown military sons. Joshua, our oldest, is in the Army—married to Danielle and blessed with two amazing kids, Makayla and Matthew. They soon will have a third child who is due in October. Jeremy, our youngest, was in the Marine Corp, went to School in San Diego for a while after exiting the Marines and has now moved back to Santa Rosa. He is working full time.

Before the Cove — I have worked in ministry since 1987 in various positions. Woman’s Bible study and support group, Sunday School Teacher for preschool, elementary, preteen, junior high, high school and adults. I also worked as a Sunday school secretary and Educational Director. I also worked as a lead coordinator for Children’s Ministry in the preteen department. I am also working on writing a non-fiction Christian book series and several other writing projects.

Beliefs — I believe In a Creator of all—who loves us so much that He was willing to be a sacrifice to restore the relationships he has with His creation. I believe in an all forgiving, loving, generous God that is standing by us and even carrying us throughout all experiences in our lives.

Other Interests — I love to spend time with my family. I also love to kayak, watch movies, read and spend quiet times with God at the beach.