Welcome Letter

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself, Jeff Johnson. I've been pastor of The Cove since before we began, in the fall of 2002. I hope we can meet someday but right now let me tell you a little about our church...

The Cove is a young church with a strong history of faith, tradition and connectedness. Not only are we a church devoted to the worship of God, we are also a genuine community representing some 250 active participants. We are babies, toddlers, children, youth groups, young adults, families, seniors. We are homemakers, tradesmen, professionals, educators, government workers, small businessmen and women. We are conservatives, liberals, artists and craftsmen, musicians and bookworms, cyclists and scrapbookers, baseball fans and nature lovers.

If you visit this Sunday you will find us to be informal and casual. We have a band, no organ, no choir; most people don't dress up to come to church. We're authentic, no pretenses of perfection or holiness. We accept each other knowing that we’re all sinners; hungry beggars telling each other where we found food.

We've designed this page to get you the info you need about our church in the most convenient and thorough way. From here you can navigate deeply into our website and find almost everything you would ever want to know about us in one or two clicks. Feel free to call or email me if you’d like to know more or just to send me your greeting.

Warmly in Christ,